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xManager Spotify App: The Ultimate Music Streaming Experience that offers unlimited skips, ad-free listening, and much more.

version 5.5

Spotify has many limitations and restrictions in free version. After reading this article you can unlock all the premium features of Spotify with help of xManager Spotify App, It has many features like unlimited skips, ad-free listening, and much more.

By using xManager you will get access to all premium features. It allows you to listen to any song, album, or playlist without restrictions. xManager Spotify premium provides you an amazing music streaming experience while travelling as well as at your home. This article covers everything that you need to know about xmanager latest version.

What is xManager APK ?

xManager apk is an app which unlocks the restrictions of free version of Spotify so that you listen to music without ads. With this app, you can unlock a lot of features that are not available on the standard version of Spotify.

This means that you do not need to worry about ads interrupting your favourite songs. Also, by using this app you can skip songs as many as you want. The free version of Spotify app limits the number of skips you can make in a hour, but xManager Spotify premium gives you unlimited skips.

Size9.70 MB
Last UpdateMay 03, 2024

Why do people use Xmanager Spotify Premium App?

I can think of several reasons why people choose to use Xmanager Spotify Premium App. One of the most obvious reasons is that it allows users to access premium features without paying for a subscription. While some users may be happy to pay for a Spotify subscription, others may not be able to afford it or may not want to spend money on a music streaming service. You can also listen to free music on your route while attending the AI Health Institute

Another reason why people choose to use the mod app is that it removes some of the restrictions on certain features. For instance, the original Spotify app only allows free users to shuffle play songs. However, the mod app removes this restriction, enabling me to listen to any song I want, in any order.

Additionally, some users may prefer the interface of the mod app over the original app. The mod app may offer additional customization options or a different layout, making it more user-friendly for some users. As for me, I would appreciate having more control over the app’s appearance and settings.

xManager APK Download Latest Version v5.5

xManager v5.5 apk

  • xManager is completely free 
  • You can easily manage and install all versions of the music streaming app.
  • Its has ability to uninstall, open the app’s settings directly, clear the offline cached data and launch the app.
  • This is the successor to the previous  app, which was released in 2020 and was built by xC3FFF0E with the assistance of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Neat & Slick Minimalist UI, Easy to Use, Lightweight Manager
  • Wave Patched [a.k.a ‘Tidal’] is now officially added to the manager app for everyone’s convenience. [NEW]

Spotify All Apks Download

  • REGULAR/STOCK is the default theme and app with minimal patching just for blocking ads and unlocking skips and forced shuffle.
  • EXP is for experimental builds adding official features still in (A/B) testing which could be unstable.
  • AMOLED/AB adds an “AMOLED black”* dark theme
  • LITE has both reduced APK size as well as less features (no Spotify Connect, no Android Auto support, etc…).

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How to Install xManager Spotify Mod Apk on Android?

Follow these simple steps to download xManager APK and unlock a world of unlimited ad-free music, podcasts, and songs.

Step 1. Download the xManager Spotify Mod APK file

Click on the above download button to get the xManager APK file. Our secure xManager apk github download ensures a hassle-free installation process.

Step 2. Install xManager APK on your device.

Locate the downloaded xManager APK file in your device’s file manager. Tap it to begin the installation procedure. Enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings if prompted.

Step 3. Grant Permissions

Upon launching the xManager app, you may be asked to grant storage permission. Allow it to ensure smooth functionality. Additionally, grant installation permission when prompted to proceed with the installation.

Step 4. Spotify premium Apk Patch Selection

Within the xManager app, you’ll find a list of patches for various Spotify Premium features. Browse through the options and select the ones you desire.

Step 5: Select Spotify Version

You’ll be prompted to select a version of Spotify to patch. Choose the latest version available and tap on the download button.

Step 6: Install Patched Version

Once the download is complete, tap on the “install patched” button to install the modified version of Spotify. This version will grant you access to all the premium features without any ads.

Step 7. Open the app and log in with your Spotify account.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed xManager spotify premium apk for free using xManager. Log in to your Spotify account within the app and start enjoying unlimited ad-free music, podcasts, and songs.

Step 8. If the app isn’t working properly on your smartphone, Force Stop it, clear it from your recent apps list, and then restart it.

xmanager spotify premium apk download

xManager Tidal: A Treat for My Ears

Tidal is something you discovered while hunting for higher audio quality. They provide a “HiFi” subscription that provides music with excellent sound quality, which is a dream come true for an audiophile like you. The music sounds just how the artists intended. xManager Tidal also features some unique content, such as early album releases, which adds to the excitement.

xManager Wave: Music Meets the Virtual World

This is when things start to get interesting. xManager Wave is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. It combines virtual reality, live streaming, and music concerts. You’ve been to virtual concerts where you may engage in real time with the performers. It’s as if you’re a cast member, all from the comfort of your own home. Wave elevates music events to an entirely new level.

Music management software comes in different kinds and sizes in this digital age. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re fussy about organizing your local tracks, want a vast library of streaming options, seek high-quality music, or are intrigued by cutting-edge virtual experiences.

These platforms cater to different phases of your musical journey, from Xmanager’s management tools to Spotify’s massive collection, Tidal’s commitment to high-quality sound, and Wave’s mind-bending virtual performances. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to choose how you want to listen to music.

To summarize, the field of music management software has grown in ways you never anticipated. With apps like Xmanager, Spotify, Tidal, and Wave, you can customize your music experience and immerse yourself in the amazing world of music.

How To Activate The Patched Features:

Step 1. Use a VPN and set it to USA server (even if your country is supported) when creating an account inside the app or by their website

Step 2. Once completed, select your 3 artists then continue.

Step 3. Upon selecting subscription, tap the “Free” tab and then continue.

Step 4. You can now use the app together with the mod features without a VPN as long as you use to sign in the free-tier account.

NOTE: HiFi and Master Audio Quality are server-sided.

Features of xManager Spotify Mod

The xManager Spotify Mod app is loaded with features that make it the ultimate choice for music lovers. Here are some of the features that you can expect from this modded app:

Ad-Free Music

The absence of distracting advertisements is one of the key benefits of xManager Spotify Premium Apk. Unlike the normal Spotify app, which has occasional audio and visual ads, xManager spotify offers ad-free listening. Users can listen to their favourite songs and playlists without interruption, allowing for complete musical immersion.

Unlimited Skips

The number of times users can skip tracks in a certain time period is limited in the regular Spotify app. These limits are removed with xManager Spotify Premium APK, allowing for unlimited skips. Whether you want to skip through tracks to locate the ideal tune or explore different albums and playlists, xManager spotify premium gives you complete control over your music library.

High-Quality Audio Streaming

Users of xManager Spotify Premium APK can listen to music in high-quality audio formats. While the usual Spotify app compresses audio to save data, xManager spotify allows you to listen to music in high quality. This function allows music fans to completely appreciate the intricacies and textures of their favourite songs, resulting in a more immersive listening experience.

No Root Required

xManager apk can be installed on both rooted and non-rooted devices, which sets it apart from other modded apps. This means that you can enjoy the premium features of Spotify without having to root my device, making it a hassle-free experience. It’s a great way to enhance your music listening experience without having to go through any complicated processes.

Offline Playback

The option to download music for offline playback is another significant feature of xManager Spotify Premium APK. Users can utilise this feature to save their favourite music, albums, and playlists directly to their device’s storage. The music may be enjoyed without an online connection once downloaded, making it ideal for those who live in places with little or no network connections.

Unlimited Downloads

It has another great feature that allows me to enjoy unlimited downloads. This means that I can download as many songs, albums, and playlists as I want without any restrictions. It’s a fantastic feature that ensures I can keep adding to my music collection without any limitations.

No Country Restrictions

The xManager Spotify Premium App is not limited by geography. Unlike the conventional Spotify app, which may have country restrictions on specific tracks or features, xManager gives you access to a massive worldwide music library. Discover music from around the world, experiment with different genres, and develop your musical horizons without boundaries.

Enhanced User Interface

The user-friendly and straightforward layout of the xManager Spotify Premium App makes navigation a joy. While smoothly adding new capabilities, the app keeps the recognisable Spotify appearance and feel. Thanks to xManager’s well-designed and aesthetically pleasing interface, you can easily explore your music library, make playlists, and find new songs.

Is xManager Spotify Mod App safe to use?

As a user of Spotify, I was initially content with the features provided by the free version of the app. However, as time passed, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the limitations placed on free users. I wanted to be able to skip songs as often as I pleased, listen to my favourite tracks without any interruptions from ads, and be able to download songs for offline listening. Unfortunately, these features were only available to premium subscribers.

That’s when I discovered Xmanager Spotify Mod App. This modified version of the app allowed me to access all premium features without having to pay for a subscription. I could listen to high-quality music at bit rates of up to 320 kbps, skip songs as often as I wanted, and download songs for offline listening. What’s more, the app even removed the restriction on shuffling music for free users.

Initially, I was hesitant to download the mod app, as I was concerned about the safety risks involved. However, after doing some research, I found that Xmanager Spotify Mod App was considered safe to use. I downloaded the app from a trusted source, and I have not experienced any issues with it so far.

Final Thoughts

xManager Spotify Premium APK is a modified version of the Spotify app that offers premium features and functionality without the need for a paid subscription. The premium features of Spotify, including ad-free listening, limitless skips, high-quality audio streaming, and offline playback, are all available for free to users. Users who want the advantages of Spotify Premium but are unable or unable to pay a monthly fee can use it as a substitute.


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DMCA: xmanagerapp.net complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and 17 U.S.C. * 512. It is our policy to respond to any notices of infringement and take appropriate action. If your copyrighted material has been put on the site and you want it removed, please contact us.

Contact us – [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is xManager and what does this mod do?

xManager Spotify mod for Android disables most ads as well as remove free-tier restrictions such as 6-song skip limit and forced shuffle. The mod may also enable “a/b test” or features not yet finished — these additional features may vary version to version.
Other than the AMOLED black theme, customized/unofficial Spotify modifications currently fall outside the scope of this project. xManager Spotify mod does NOT introduce custom features designed by the team.
xManager Spotify mod by x3CFFF0E, Sherlock Holmes and Mr.Dude
xManager Spotify Lite mod for Android disables all ads and skip/seek/etc restrictions. Spotify Lite mod is based off the official Lite version from Spotify which has both reduced APK size as well as less features (no Spotify Connect, no Android Auto support, etc…).
xManager Spotify Lite mod by x3CFFF0E

Is there xManager for Android TV? 

Neither xManager nor its mods are built for Android TV support. While it’s technically possible to manually install a mod APK on Android TV, it’s not the proper Android TV build — navigating around the UI may require mouse support or using Spotify Connect from another device.
There are currently no plans for xManager to support Spotify for Android TV.

Is there xManager for iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux?

xManager and its mods are built for Android mobile devices and tablets only.

Mod features are not working, why? 

v8.8.22.510+ users — force closing the app is no longer required for mod features to “kick in” and the app should work right away. If running into issues close Spotify and clear Spotify app data from Android Settings then re-open Spotify and sign in again.. things should now work. If still running into issues you may need to try another Spotify version number (newer or older).
v8.8.14.757 and earlier users — opening the app then force closing the app at least once is required before mod features “kick in” on freshly installed the Spotify mod versions. Before mod features are enabled you will also notice a “Premium” button in the bottom right corner of the app and find that skips are still limited and shuffle is still forced.
Open the recent apps menu and “swipe away” the Spotify window/app.
Mod features should work after that (Premium button on the bottom bar will disappear as well). In some cases you may need to repeat this step multiple times until working. This should only be needed after fresh install or first-run after clearing app data.
• If you’ve swiped the app away in “recents” multiple times still see a premium button on the Spotify home screen, are unable to skip more than 6 songs or have forced shuffle:
“Force close” app the app from the Android app settings menu for Spotify then reopen
. The mod should now work as intended. If force closing 1 time still doesn’t work, try force closing 2 or more times.
If force closing multiple times still fails try one of the following (along with swiping away apps from recent menu after each change):
A. Clear app cache then try force closing or swiping app away again
B. Reboot device then try force closing or swiping app away again
If none of the above works then there may be an incompatibility between the version Spotify and your phone/Android version/Custom ROM/etc. Try using a different xManager Spotify mod version in additional to the fixes mentioned above.

Spotify is not working properly, what can be done? 

Users may run into unexpected bugs when using Spotify mod. Users can try the following things to clear these bugs:
Force close app, then reopen.
Stop app and clear/erase Spotify app data in Android settings, then reopen.
Many bugs are not caused by the mod but come with Spotify itself, you can test for the issues yourself using stock/unmodified Spotify based on the exact same version as the mod currently installed. For example, if using mod v8.7.70.553 then testing stock v8.7.70.553 would be needed. Attempting to test with a different version number would be a waste of time as bugs change in every build.
To attempt to get away from the bug you are experiencing:
A. Downgrade to a previous mod version (best version for each user/device may vary)
B. Wait for a new mod version to be released in hopes it fixes current bug
C. Uninstall and discontinue use of mod

I get install error, App not Installed, why? 

Take the guessing out of installation issues, install the APK manually with ADB or Split APKs Installer (mirror) to see a full error message.
These errors are uninformative but most often happen for the following reasons:
• insufficient free space on your Android device
• blocked by android security
• one of the reasons in the “parsing error” section below
For insufficient free space errors, free up some space on your device then try again.
For installs blocked by security, depending on your Android version you may have to enable apps to be installed by “unknown sources” or enable a specific app (such as xManager) to install apps from unknown sources. See Google for more info.

I get install error, There was a Problem Parsing the Package, why?

Take the guessing out of installation issues, install the APK manually with ADB or Split APKs Installer to see a full error message. Do not ask the support groups for help until you have tried everything mentioned in this answer.

Parsing errors are somewhat generic and can be caused by multiple things including (but not limited to):
• incomplete download
• corrupted download
• APK signature mismatch
• incompatible hardware
• installing a “lower” version number

For incomplete or corrupted APK issues you can try re-downloading the app.
APK signature mismatch can be fixed by uninstalling the current Spotify app first.
Incompatible hardware issue is caused by trying to use ARM64_v8 builds on an ARMEABI_v7 (ARM32) device. ARM64 devices can use ARM32 or ARM64 apps but ARM32 devices cannot run ARM64 apps*.
If trying to install a lower version number, you must uninstall the current Spotify version first.
*starting with Google Pixel 7, some ARM64 devices may ONLY run ARM64 apps.

Is offline playback and downloading unlocked?

No, music song/playlist downloads (offline playback) will not work unless using a paid-premium Spotify subscription.

However, Podcasts CAN be downloaded without the need of a paid-premium subscription.

Is Very High audio quality unlocked?

No, ‘Very High’ quality requires a paid-premium Spotify subscription. ‘High’ quality is the highest option for non-premium users.
Other/older mods unlocked the toggle to select ‘Very High’ without a ‘Premium nag’ but did not actually enable ‘Very High’ quality… it was a visual change only. More recent mod versions reflect this properly and will set ‘Automatic’ quality if attempting to set ‘Very High’ without a Premium subscription.
If you DO have a paid-premium subscription and are using the mod… it WILL give you ‘Very High’ quality if selected.

Is AI DJ unlocked?

No, at this time, the Spotify AI DJ feature is for paid-premium users only and not unlocked for free-tier users with mod.
Paid-premium users who are in regions where AI DJ is being rolled out may have this feature and is not controlled by the mod in any way. More info at newsroom.

Is Group Sessions unlocked?

No, at this time, Spotify Group Sessions is for paid-premium users only and not unlocked for free-tier users with mod.

I get ads when listening to podcasts, why?

All users, even paying premium subscribers, get podcast ads. Spotify considers podcasts to be different than music and does not include them in their “ad-free” listening experience.
As of v8.7.78.373, podcast ads should now be blocked in the mod.

I get ads when casting or using Spotify Connect, why?

When casting or using Spotify Connect the audio is no longer sourced from the Spotify mod but instead handled directly by the Spotify API and the device you are casting/connecting to — free accounts will get ads. To avoid ads on external devices — connect your Android device to them via line-out cable or Bluetooth.

Canvas is not working, why?

Spotify users in select regions and countries (Middle East & North Africa, Russia, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova) are not able to see Canvases in their app at this time.
If you are positive you are using a Canvas-supported region make sure the Canvas option is toggled on in the app settings.. and if that still fails, try force stopping the app or clearing the app cache and/or data.

Mod is not working with Android Auto, why?

Spotify mod works with Android Auto. If Spotify is not showing up in Android Auto:
• Enable “Unknown Sources” in the Android Auto developer settings (see “step 1” here).
(newer versions of Android/Android Auto may no longer have the app in app drawer, search for Android Auto in the Android settings menu)
• Open the Spotify app on your phone before connecting to Android Auto.

Mod saying No Internet or mentions 14 days, why?

See here for Spotify region settings: https://support.spotify.com/article/country-region-settings/
Spotify free accounts can only be outside of their “home region” for up to 14 days at a time. If you get the 14-days message, use a VPN to change regions then sign into Spotify and change your location here: https://www.spotify.com/account/profile/
The “no internet/offline” error may happen in unsupported Spotify regions (use VPN to change region in Spotify settings on the website). It may also also happen in regions that do NOT have a “free version” of Spotify, such as South Korea which is Premium-only and therefore cannot use the mod app unless using it with a Premium subscription (or changing location with VPN).
The “no internet/offline” error is also a known Spotify bug which can happen randomly for seemingly no reason. It may be related to your network connection/VPN or a Spotify bug when combined with your phone/Android version/ROM/Spotify account etc.
Nearly all “no internet”, “offline” and “14-day” issues are unrelated to the mod and there’s nothing we can do on our end to fix it.

I cannot to log into the Spotify mod, why?

If you are unable to log into the Spotify mod:
-confirm sure you are NOT using the Google Sign-in button
-confirm your Spotify region and IP is supported by Spotify
-confirm the exact same email/userID + password is working with Spotify.com (do NOT use a password manager or saved password when logging into Spotify.com so you can confirm the password you are typing is exactly the same as what you are typing into the mod).
Sometimes Spotify resets passwords automatically for “security” reasons so your password which used to be correct is now disabled and you may need to follow the password reset steps that were sent to you via email.
It is recommended to always use an email address which you have access to. If Spotify ever auto-resets your password or you forget your password and you have used a “temporary” email, you may lose access to the account.
If you do not yet have a standard Spotify account, create one on Spotify.com rather than trying to create an account using the Spotify mod.

Google sign-in does not work with mod, why?

Google sign-in is disabled in the mod. It is recommended that you use a standard Spotify.com login. Facebook sign-in does work but a Spotify login is still recommended instead. If you do not yet have a standard Spotify account, you can use your existing Google account and create a Spotify password using the directions in this link.

Spotify is blank and only shows a Premium button, why?

This error may happen in unsupported Spotify regions (use VPN to change region in Spotify settings on the website). It may also also happen in regions that do NOT have a free-tier, such as South Korea which is Premium-only and therefore cannot use the mod app unless using it with a Premium subscription (or changing location with VPN).

Blend does not work with the mod, why?

Opening Blend invite links in the Spotify mod may not work as intended. After clicking a Blend link, close Spotify then reopen the app and you should be greeted with the Blend invite page. You may also find your Blends in the “Made for You” section under “Search”.

Clicking Spotify link opens browser instead of app, why?

Depending on device, OS and ROM — clicking Spotify links may or may not automatically open in the Spotify mod. This is due to how Android handles verifying links and apps and since the app signature for the mod differs from the official Spotify signature, your device may not verify these links and automatically associate them with the mod app. See verify app links for detailed info on this matter.
To fix/bypass this issue:
• Open Android’s settings, then Apps/App settings
• Scroll to Spotify app settings
• Open “Open by default” options
• Click “+ add link” and enable all Spotify links
Exact names for the menus and options may vary depending on OEM, OS and ROM used.

I am missing a Spotify feature, why?

Some features are directly tied to your Spotify account, enabled for some and not enabled for others.
Some features are tied to a specific app version, with each update there are changes.
Some Spotify features are regional… canvas, storyline, ‘Hey Spotify’ etc.
If you are not in a region which supports these features then they will not be available. Alternatively, you can change your region to one of the supported regions to gain the feature you are looking for with a VPN then sign into the Spotify website and change your location in settings here: https://www.spotify.com/account/profile/
If you are in a supported Spotify region you will only need to be connected to the VPN when signing into the Spotify website to change your region. If you are not in a supported Spotify region then you may need to remain connected to a VPN at all times.
See here for more info – https://support.spotify.com/article/country-region-settings/

What is ARMEABI-V7A, ARM64-V8A and MERGED?

These are references to the build architecture of each Spotify mod APK. xManager Spotify supports devices using the ARM architecture, but there is both ARMEABI-V7A (32-bit ARM) and ARM64-V8A (64-bit ARM). Generally, you should use the builds that match your devices architecture but in some rare cases the ARMEABI-V7A version may work better for you despite using ARM64-V8A hardware. If you are unsure which architecture your device is running, xManager displays this info next to “CPU/ARCH”.
ARMEABI-V7A builds work on both ARMEABI-V7A and ARM64-V8A devices
ARM64-V8A builds ONLY work on ARM64-V8A devices
MERGED builds contain files for BOTH ARMEABI-V7A and ARM64-V8A devices, if your hardware is ARMEABI-V7A it will use ARMEABI-V7A and if your hardware is ARM64-V8A it will use ARM64-V8A.
As of 2024, all official versions are MERGED so users will no longer have to consider what architecture their device is.

What is the CLONE version of the mod?

In short, the cloned version if the exact same version of the normal mod — ONLY the package name has been changed.
Some users may have a phone with Spotify pre-installed and they are unable to disable or uninstall the pre-installed version which blocks them from installing the standard mod. The clone app has a different Android package name than the normal mod or stock/official version and allows these users to install the mod.
Android’s security does not allow installing/updating an APK that shares the same package name as one currently installed if the signatures do not match. The xManager Spotify mod versions and the official stock Spotify versions have different signatures but both use the same package name(com.spotify.music), this is why uninstalling the Official Spotify version first is required when using the mod. This also explains why those with pre-installed Spotify versions are unable to use the mod and why we offer a “clone” version of the mod for those users.
The “clone” version should be considered a bonus and not something you should expect to be updated with every normal release update. There may or may not be an AMOLED version of the “clone” released. There may ONLY be an armeabi-v7a “clone” version. Both armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a devices can use the armeabi-v7a build, do not ask for an arm64 version if one is not already provided.


These terms indicate the color theme of the mod….
REGULAR/STOCK is the default theme and app with minimal patching just for blocking ads and unlocking skips and forced shuffle.
EXP is for experimental builds adding official features still in (A/B) testing which could be unstable.
AMOLED/AB adds an “AMOLED black”* dark theme
*AMOLED black theme may not be true “AMOLED black” and instead just “dark” on some versions.

Spotify is pre-installed on my device, what can I do?

Uninstall it before using the mod. If the app will not uninstalled due to being a forced system or vendor app you will need the CLONE version — see details about the CLONE version above.

xManager downloads fail or do not start, why?

At this time, it is expected to be running xManager v4.6 or higher.
If running v4.6+ and still having issues, there are a variety of variables to consider but a majority of the download issues are due to file host issues or a network routing/DNS issue between the file host server and your internet connection. A VPN, changing your DNS or changing your network connection (Wifi <–> mobile) may help. If downloads are still not working you can try using the “Mirror Link” button to the download from alternate file hosts using the in-app browser.

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